CACAA Journal

Clifford Analysis, Clifford Algebras and their Applications (CACAA) publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original research papers as well as expository and survey articles of exceptional quality within the scope of Clifford Analysis, Clifford algebras, quaternion analysis, and their applications to pure and applied mathematics, physics, and engineering. Articles that interact with related fields are welcome, as long as their content is relevant to approximation and wavelet theory, probability, statistics, time frequency analysis and image processing, numerical mathematics, and robotics applications, applications of Clifford Algebras and Clifford Analysis in Quantum Mechanics, applications of Clifford Algebras at human perceptive – cognitive level, applications of Clifford Algebras in nonlinear chaotic deterministic systems, applications of Clifford Algebras in analysis of coding and noncoding sequences of DNA.

The Journal aims to cover the latest outstanding developments in Clifford algebras, Clifford and quaternion analyses, and to explore new connections between different research areas.

CACAA is currently indexed in Current Mathematics Publications, Mathematical Reviews, MathCAD, USSR Academy of Sciences and Zentralblatt fur Mathematic/Mathematics Abstracts/MATH Database



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