Intermezzo: Gian-Carlo Rota

. gc-rota.jpg

The purpose of this entry is just to share an extended bio of one of my favorite mathematicians published at Notices of AMS (Volume 47, number 2, February 2000). This can be found on mem-rota.pdf.

Unfortunately I’d never had the privilege to met Gian-Carlo Rota in any meeting. Anyway I was very closed to his thoughts during my Ph.D studies. For a sake of curiosity see e.g. my Ph.D Thesis and the recent preprint jointly with G.Ren.

Soon, I will try to explore here in depth how his contributions in combinatorics, exterior algebras and orthosymplectic Lie algebras can be helpful to the development of new trends in Clifford Analysis and alike. This should be posted around the the meetings 16th European Intensive Course and the 13th Annual Workshop on Complex Analysis, its Generalizations and Applications that will take place in Coimbra and Aveiro.


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