Seminars provide Mathematica insights


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Jamie Peterson
Wolfram Education Group


Have you attended one of the newer Mathematica seminars?

Wolfram Education Group’s free online seminars are regularly
updated to incorporate the latest Mathematica technologies, and
new titles are being added all the time. Even if you have already
attended a particular seminar, please consider registering again
to refresh your skills and learn about the newest updates.

Plus, every time you attend a seminar and complete the
post-seminar survey, you are entered into our monthly drawing for
a chance to win a prize. The prize for June is a Mathematica gift

Some of the upcoming seminar dates and times are listed below.
These seminars are free, are presented in English, and run about
one hour. Times given are GMT.

S10: A Brief Overview of Mathematica
9 June, 14:00 GMT

S20: Statistics and Data Analysis with Mathematica
11 June, 14:00 GMT

S01: An Overview of Mathematica for Education
16 June, 14:00 GMT

S23: Presentations with Mathematica
18 June, 14:00 GMT

Attend as many seminars as you like. View and register for any
available courses and seminars on the full Wolfram Education
Group calendar:


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