Guest visit to Leeds (last but not least)

From today (July 20) till next friday (July 24) I’m visiting School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, finishing in this way a long journey of research visits, summer courses, congresses and talks including many places (Coimbra, Leuven, Ghent, Bonn, Lisbon, London and now Leeds).

I will also deliver a talk (tomorrow, July 21) on the Yorkshire Functional Analysis Group (YFAG) seminar on which I will present (for the last time, I hope) further results of my Ph.D thesis as well a new direction direction of my research.

YFAG seminars consists in two halfs: In the first half, I will present the overview of my Ph.D dissertation; The second half will be devoted to present some early results obtained in a research work with Denis Constales (Ghent State University) and Rolf Soeren Krausshar (K.U. Leuven).

This research visit is partially supported by University of Leeds and the research unit Matematica e Aplicacoes, (University of Aveiro).


Nelson José Rodrigues Faustino


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