Participation in 7th ISAAC Congress @ Imperial College London

From July 13 till July 18, I will attend the 7th ISAAC Congress which will be helds at Imperial College of London.

The meeting will start at 9:30 AM with the opening session followed by the talks of Simon Donaldson (Fields Medalist, 1986) and Sir John Ball (Past President and Member of Executive Committee
of IMU).

In the same day, I will deliver my talk entitled “Further results on Discrete Clifford Analysis” on the Session II.2. (Analytical, geometrical and numerical Methods in Clifford- and Cayley-Dickson algebras) on which I will present the core of results of my dissertation.

In the end of the first day of the meeting, Pierre-Louis Lions (Fields Medalist, 1994) will give a public lecture entitled “Analysis, Models and Simulations”.

For the interested people, the programme of the conference is available on the link If you have a google account, you can also add it to your google calendar by clicking here.

Finally, I would like to stress that my participation on this meeting is funded by “Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian” under the grant with reference processo No. 103748.

Looking forward to see you in London.


Nelson José Rodrigues Faustino


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