7th ISAAC report (In Portuguese)

Realizou-se de 13 a 18 de Julho no Colégio Imperial de Londres a 7ª edição do encontro bi-anual ISAAC. Considerado já um dos encontros mais prestigiantes entre Matemáticos que trabalham em teoria de funções, equações com derivadas parciais e áreas, este congresso reuniu cerca de 600 participantes, entre os quais estiveram presentes 25 participantes provenientes de universidades portuguesas. A abertura do congresso iniciou-se à 9h30 (mesma hora que em Portugal) com o discurso do presidente do comité local, Michael Ruzhansky (Londres, Reino Unido), seguido pelo discurso do presidente do ISAAC, Man Wah Wong (Toronto, Canada). De seguida, deu-se lugar às … Continue reading 7th ISAAC report (In Portuguese)

Guest visit to Leeds (last but not least)

From today (July 20) till next friday (July 24) I’m visiting School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, finishing in this way a long journey of research visits, summer courses, congresses and talks including many places (Coimbra, Leuven, Ghent, Bonn, Lisbon, London and now Leeds). I will also deliver a talk (tomorrow, July 21) on the Yorkshire Functional Analysis Group (YFAG) seminar on which I will present (for the last time, I hope) further results of my Ph.D thesis as well a new direction direction of my research. YFAG seminars consists in two halfs: In the first half, I will present the … Continue reading Guest visit to Leeds (last but not least)

Participation in 7th ISAAC Congress @ Imperial College London

From July 13 till July 18, I will attend the 7th ISAAC Congress which will be helds at Imperial College of London. The meeting will start at 9:30 AM with the opening session followed by the talks of Simon Donaldson (Fields Medalist, 1986) and Sir John Ball (Past President and Member of Executive Committee of IMU). In the same day, I will deliver my talk entitled “Further results on Discrete Clifford Analysis” on the Session II.2. (Analytical, geometrical and numerical Methods in Clifford- and Cayley-Dickson algebras) on which I will present the core of results of my dissertation. In the … Continue reading Participation in 7th ISAAC Congress @ Imperial College London