Guest visits to State University of Ghent and Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

From May 31 2009 till June 9, 2009, I will go abroad to perform a scientific visit to the Department of Mathematical Analysis,State University of Ghent, Belgium (May 31 till June 4, 2009) at the invitation 
of Professor Frank Sommen and afterwards to participate in Mathematisch Arbeitstagung 2009  that will takes place in Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics (MPIM) in Bonn, Germany (June 5 till June 9, 2009) . 

My visit to the Department of Mathematical Analysis,State University of Ghent is based on a recent cooperative research between the research groups of Complex and Hypercomplex Analysis (Aveiro) and the Clifford Reseach Group (Ghent) on extensions of Clifford Analysis to quantum grids and their connections with quantum groups.

       Moreover, my participation in the Mathematisch Arbeitstagung 2009, will provides to me the opportunity to meet top Mathematicians  (e.g. Maxim Kontsevich who will give the opening lecture) as the ability to learn new techniques in order to extend my range of topics of research.

These guest visits will be supported by the Research Unit Matemática e Aplicações, University of Aveiro and partially supported by the Department of Mathematical Analysis (Ghent) and by the Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics (MPIM).

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University Day


Next saturday (May 30, 2009), I will receive my Ph.D diploma during the ceremony of the University Day.

On this day of great academic significance in 1085 will be awarded diplomas of training (Bachelor and Graduate) and 531 post graduate degrees (Masters, Ph.D and aggregation). The meeting will start at 10 AM and it is open to the entire community.

The ceremony will open with the performance of the Magna Tuna Cartola  and intervention of the UA Dean, Maria Helena Nazaré, and the presidents of the Academic Association and Association of Alumni of the University of Aveiro, Negesse Pina Soares and Antonio, respectively.

More informations can be found on the website:

Discrete Function Theory and its relations with Wigner Quantum Systems



Next friday (May 22, 2009), I will deliver a talk in Department of Mathematics, University of Coimbra entitled:

Discrete Function Theory and its relations with Wigner Quantum Systems

Announcement of the seminar can be found on the webpage

Furthermore, the abstract of the talk is available to read by clicking here.

ICM 2010 Announcement

GREETINGS from the Organisers of ICM 2010

As you may be aware, The International Congress of Mathematicians
(ICM) of 2010 will take place during August 19 – 27 at the Hyderabad
International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India. We urge you to
participate in the Congress and help us make it a great success.

The preparations for the Congress are now underway. Some information
about the city of Hyderabad, pre-registration, registration, some
practical information about visiting India etc. can be found at our

A list of satellite conferences that are being planned is also
available at the web-site.

Detailed instructions for registration, financial aid programs, as
well as information on Hotel accommodation, list of invited speakers,
lecture program, cultural program etc. will be put on the web-site as
and when they get finalised.

On-line pre-registration will start on May 15, 2009 at the icm2010
web-site. It does not involve any payment. The pre-registered
participants will be apprised of new developments by e-mail and will
receive reminders of upcoming deadlines. Please do pre-register if you
intend to participate: it will be of great help to us in our planning
the event.

If you do not wish to receive any further announcements, please reply
to this message with “unsubscribe” on the subject line.

We look forward to your participation at the ICM 2010 in Hyderabad.

Rajat Tandon
Executive Organizing Committee
ICM 2010